Timeless Teachings with Yana Fry

This is NOT a regular podcast, because here we have no rules and no scripted questions. All conversations are spontaneous, unfiltered, and real with people from all over the world regardless of their race, religion, nationality, skin color, language, or social circumstances. We dive deep into a heart-to-heart connection with the modern teachers, conscious leaders, global experts, influencers, and ordinary people. The intention for this podcast is to showcase the infinite variety of how human beings think and what they do to create happiness, fulfillment, self-realization, health, wealth, legacy, and overall, a truly spectacular life. We illuminate topics like wellness and wellbeing, human potential, conscious leadership, personal development, impact businesses, enlightened profits, authentic relating, health and sexuality, consciousness, happiness, and others. Did you enjoy the interviews? Feel free to share the episodes with friends, subscribe to the podcast and YouTube channel, and follow us on social media. And remember – You Are the Master of Your Own Life!